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A Future for Business Media

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in business to business media.  Over the last couple of years this blog has tried to capture some of the issues and challenges that we face.  But writing and commentating is easy.  Now its time to put the money where the mouth is!

In the next few weeks we will be launching a new business media company trading as Briefing Media Ltd.  We think it offers an exciting and new approach to serving business to business markets.

The co founders of Briefing Media are me and Rory Brown.  Between us we have extensive of managing business to business media companies and we have co-operated over the last few months to build a new approach and a new kind of business media company.

The essence of business media is simple.  Decision makers want information to help them make better business decisions and suppliers want effective ways to market to them.

Briefing Media takes that simple goal and uses the latest technology and good old fashioned market knowledge to create a suite of comprehensive information solutions for business to business markets.

This is the 21st century, so our principle means of distribution is by the Internet.  The specialist information we present is a cultivated blend of aggregated, curated and original content.  We are using an innovative semantic search  algorithm to organise and navigate the content with each vertical site being supervised by an expert analyst who constantly updates and improves the taxonomy and the content.

How does it work?  We start by identifying the best specialist sources of information, whether they be written by journalists, experts, bloggers or even industry suppliers. Our technology reads all the sources and looks for interesting relationships between concepts to determine what documents or information to point a reader to.  That decision uses a semantic search tool that blends three different algorithms to establish the probability of an article or document being relevant.  This semantic triangulation means that the results of a search will lead the user not to that which is most popular -but rather to that which is most relevant.

We believe that although original content commissioned by Briefing Media will be very valuable, there is much else published by others which is useful too.  We are happy to point our users to third party content sources as well as our own.

We think a successful business media company is not only about reading words.  In each vertical we operate in we will add services including, training, conferencing , networking, consultancy and research.  We will publish our own white papers, act as a shop window for white papers and research published by third parties, help decision makers identify and be informed about the key topics in their industry.

You probably want to have a look at our first site – but you will have to be patient for a month or so.  We expect to release our first vertical towards the end of September and have already identified six more to develop over the coming months.  If you want to know more or think you might like to work with us do get in touch

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