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Free white paper on semantic serch

It seems only five minutes ago that we were all trying to understand how search worked and how to mximise traffic with good SEO and SEM.  Now the web has ballooned  to perhaps 100 billion pages of information and with more and more web publishers, twitterers and bloggers fighting for your eyeball, good SEO is not enough.

The two big challenges on the web are how to win the first eyeball and then how to convert that to an engaged user.  I have been arguing for four years that part of the answer is in semantic search.  Back at Nexus we tried to build a semantic vertical search tool using enterprise search technology.  It was expensive and in many ways unsatisfactory.  Converting the idea of semantic serch into reality is not easy.

Since we culled that project some two years ago the world has moved on apace.  You will see how a new company will develop this in the next few weeks (I am one of the co founders so watch this space) to provide a more compelling experience for users and those who want to reach decision makers.  Whatever you think of our efforts I strongly recommend that you start a debate about semantic search in your organisation.   First you had better have something to say about it!  Here is a short vendor white paper, which  is a useful primer to a discussion.  You might also enjoy John Battelles blog which tracks developments in search


July 8, 2010 - Posted by | Search

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