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Business to Business £1.3billion Smaller

The PPA conference played host this week to PWC who paintd a grim but familiar picture about the future of B2B media. The presentation argued that £1.3billion of revenue has been wiped from the revenues of business media companies since 2007 and much of this is structural not cyclical. They see little prospect for near term recovery and say that the only hope is in new digital services.

None of this is a surprise, at least not to those of you who have been reading this blog or Rory Brown or Paul Conley and others. What is left unsaid is the implications of this. The digital model requires a very different construct from the traditional model, not least the absolute necessity to build an enterprise which has much lower content creation and overhead costs. Although most companies have cut costs, I think it could be argued that none have yet really tackled the stuctural issues of business engineering.

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