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Six Predictions for 2010

Happy New Year to you all. What kind of a year should business media be planning for and what will 2010 bring? There is no doubt that 2009 was the worst year any of us have experienced. The collapse in print advertising and the growing realisation that the online ad model was not going to get us out of jail has deepened the worry lines in every business media executives brow.

I fear there will be no easy solutions in 2010. Any of you who still have a planning assumption that things will get better are going to be sorely disappointed. For what its worth here are six random predictions for the year ahead.

1) Print advertising revenues will continue to decline but at a slower rate than last year. Some management teams will call this as signs of the green shoots of recovery. It won’t be. The downturn in print advertising will turn out to be L shaped.

2) The current craze for putting content behind a pay wall will deliver some returns but they will turn out ot be much smaller than the continuing decline in print advertising.

3) More magazines are going to close. They don’t need to, but unless publishers take an entirely new approach to the problem there will be little chance of survival for even some of the biggest magazine brands.

4) The rush to exploitation of network marketing will continue and there will be an explosion in marketing services companies offering advice to b 2 b marketeers.

5) Fear, panic and shareholder pressure will lead to wholesale changes in the senior management teams of some business media companies.

6) A new disruptive business media company with no legacy will make a noticeable impact on the market.

Happy New Year


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  1. Good predictions Neil. Will be interesting to watch #6 – definitely an opportunity.

    Comment by Jonathan | January 19, 2010

  2. I like number 4 nad hadn’t considered that. Smart bods made redundant by media co’s are indeed helping media co’s understand social media. Infact some of them are being paid more than they used to be paid by the people who made them redundant. I guess some people only listen when they see an individual in a new light.
    Happy New year hope to see you sometime in 2010. Jeremy

    Comment by Jeremy Blake | January 19, 2010

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