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Line up for the SIPA Conference

The annual SIPA conference is due to take place during the seocnd week in July.  Chaired by Rory Brown, formerly of Incisved Media and now a blogger on business media, the line up looks interesting and tackles some of the burning issues of the day. 

Keynote speakers will include the renowned Bill Bonner. Founder and President of Agora Inc, the largest financial newsletter publisher in the US, Bill revitalised his business by his early use of free ezines – which became the model scores of other publishers now use profitably in their own organisations. Here he’ll talk about the new world of communications in the post-bubble era of the 21st century… describing why the world economy is in a deep, multi-year slump, and what publishers can do about it, using what he calls ‘total integration marketing’.


Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing will present the results of a recent State of the Publishing Industry survey he undertook with InPublishing magazine; and Andy McLaughlin, President of PaperClip Communications in the US, will present his findings on who exactly are today’s new online information buyers – and how publishers can reach them to sell digital content.


Other topics to be covered during the day include using Twitter and other social media to drive traffic and sales to your site; launching successful products, even in hard times – three practical case studies; why subscribers lapse, and how to increase retention; lead generation, and turning prospects into buyers; and generating new subscriptions, both on- and offline.


Along with the keynotes, the morning presents a choice of 20 round table discussion groups, ranging from telesales, new product development and syndication to email marketing, social media and SEO. The afternoon features a choice of three breakout tracks on marketing, publishing strategy and content issues. There is also a comprehensive exhibition where you can chat with our sponsors – Premier Print Group, Adestra, WORKSsitebuilder, Abacus E-Media and BPA Worldwide.


There will be two pre-conference business discussion forums the day before the conference (Tuesday 7 July), aimed at senior marketers and publishers.


The line-up of expert speakers includes some key names in business publishing, including Ashley Friedlein of EConsultancy; Anthony Ray of Stingray Research; Nic Laight of Canonbury Publishing; Ian Lancaster of Reconnaissance International; Lindsey Greig from Cecile Park Publishing; Angus Phillipson of WORKSsitebuilder; Toby Bray of MoneyWeek, and from the US, Jeanne Hopkins of MarketingSherpa.


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  1. Thanks for the plug Neil. SIPA UK is always a great event and, 3 weeks out, registrations are already well ahead of last year.

    Just one small point: While I am the current Chair of SIPA in the UK. Nic Laight will be taking over at the start of July & his first job has been to put together the great programme for this event. It’s an impressive line up and he deserves all the credit.

    Comment by Rory Brown | June 16, 2009

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