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Bad Results Must Lead to New Future

There is a raft of results announcements due, with Reed Elsevier already reported and announcing  a £100m+ restruture of reed Business Information, Centaur issuing their first ever profit warning on the back of a heavy fall in recruitment advertising so none of it is going to make pretty reading.

In The Times at the weekend an article pushes the view that business media companies are still overvalued despite the steep decline in share prices (Reed Elsevier being a notably robust exception).   Meanwhile I was wondering what a turnround strategy might look like based on the arguments we have already been dicussing in this blog.  Every traditional media company should have a clear strategy for each of the following:

1) Build low cost magazines with content explicit for the printed format.

2) Operate a web first news strategy for online and develop tools widgets and features that create measurable reader engagement.

3) Identify the key decisions made by readers and build data and content that is  rich, complex and important to those decisions.

4) Focus on building lead generation solutions for advertisers.

5) Develop ultra niche experiences for advertisers and readers in both read media and face to face media.

6) Kill off or sell failing assets to enable managements to take an axe to overheads.

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