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The Arrogance of Google

Google’s arrogance sometimes beggars belief.  According to an article on Press Gazettes site, the Google God in Britain, called Brittin told the Telegraph that,

“In the last three months of last year we gave away $1.4bn (£970m) of revenue to publishing partners for adverts on their sites.”  Gave away!  On whose site did you place the ads?  Who paid for and wrote the content, paid for the hosting, built the audience and traffic?

How much of the revenue did Google keep?  Is Google keeping a bigger or smaller proportion of the revenue than it did two years ago? Explain why when I have tripled my traffic my Google revenue has halved?

Google is a vital cog in the web machine (too vital some might argue) but if Google really believes that it is doing us a favour by “giving away” what it appears to see as a proportion of its own revenue, then it has lost the plot.  I use Google as a sales representative.  They work for me, not the other way around.  And I make more money per thousand from almost everyone else.

Google should be thanking us for building their revenues on the back of our audiences and letting them keep as much of the revenue as they like -usually without telling us – their media partners – what the deal is.


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