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A New Era For Business Media

And a new era for me.  I stepped down as CEO of Nexus Media a couple of weeks ago although I continue for while to spend a couple of days a week helping out with   and working with Osney Media and consultative work for others.  For the first time in a long time I have time to think about the future of our industry.  There are a few commentators who already write well on the subject of business media.  Peter Kirwan is knowledgable and always writes informatively (but too infrequently).  John Welsh in the US has an interesting take, particularly on the digital media topic.  The Business Media Blog and  are regular soothsayers on business media.  Take a look at Paul Conley too.  For a UK perspective Rory Brown has written some interesting posts too.

My credentials for starting this are that I have worked in this industry since 1983, mostly in senior roles, the last three as either MD or CEO.  I think I have been responsible for more than 200 magazine titles, around 50 trade shows and heaven knows how many internet properties.  There have been launches and closures, acquisitions and disposals successe and failures.  The only constant has been change and managing that change. 

It is the management of change that now challenges us more than ever.  And that is what I hope this blog can be about.  I don’t intend to report on the gossip and news from the business media world.  There are other places (see my links list in this post) where that is already done well.  Instead I plan to write the occasional think piece or case study about business media.  I’ll try and make it worth reading.

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  1. It’s worth reading already Neil!

    And great news that UK B2B media is starting to build more of a following, finally.

    Will send you a note to introduce ourselves.

    Comment by Jonathan | January 30, 2009

  2. Hi Neil
    Congratulations on the new blog. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. You’re gonna’ love it!

    Also great to see another B2B blog, along with Paul, Adam and Rory. I have bored on, like a curmudgeon, that you can network with practically any social or new media star through a blog but it feels a little lonely out there as a B2B blogger.

    It’s beginning to feel like a real community.

    Comment by John Welsh | January 31, 2009

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